Personal  Profile.....Having ridden from an early age and competed in a variety of disciplines throughout my equestrian career, I found a genuine interest in the beauty of classical dressage riding.  I started my dressage journey of study, training, and riding almost 30+ years ago.  With 30+ years of training, instructing, riding, showing, and sales in Wellington, FL and the opportunity to work with the best trainers So. Florida has to offer developed my training philosophy and technique for Dressage training and riding.  It also  inspired me to achieve my goals and reach the Grand Prix level seventeen years ago.  I want to mention Patrick Bursens, Bent Jensen, Michael Poulin, Betsy Steiner, Shannon Dueck, Dana Hewitt, Juan Mattuta, Pam Goodrich, to list some of the most respected riders and trainers that I have had the privilage of training with. 

I turned professional nineteen years ago and with my previous partner Emigrant, enabled me to obtain my USDF Silver and Gold Medals and reach the Grand Prix level.  He taught me to be a better rider and trainer.  Together we achieved many state and regional championships and awards.

Personal Commitment....."My goal as a trainer is to help every client become a better rider by helping them understand not only what to do but why they are doing a certain correction or aid and how that effects the horses response.  

Dressage is a feeling and a concept which involves specific timing of the aids that signals a communication between horse and rider.  I believe that to become a good dressage rider one not only has to have proper balance and a good seat but have the coordination, timing, and understanding to put it all together so that the rider can always communicate to the horse while asking even the easiest of requests.  I personally support a high quality of training and classical teaching by incorporating good solid dressage basics and techniques.  I hope my training program (which is modeled to your own personal goals) and that of your particular horses fitness, type, and level, whether for the show ring or pleasure rider, will encourage you as you continue the journey into this beautiful art form called Dressage. "  


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