QEC Training:  Clients and Horses

Clients Comments:

Nicole Fabry - "I'm completely ecstatic, beyond thrilled and amazed at the progress my OTTB, Euro, has made in the last year and specifically the last 5 months...his last race was July 21st, 2015.  This is the first time ever in a double bridle and he was a rockstar!  I can't thank enough my trainer Susan Remondini, for all the hard work, time and effort she has put into training him." 10/2/2016

​Megan Northrop - "So my little mini mare did it! And Tate rocked out her 2nd Novice with another clear XC - who would have thought I would be such a fan of these little honie mares!  All credit goes to Susan Remondini for the win - without her training rides and lessons - Lilly would not be the fab mare that she is becoming!"  11/13/2016

Courtney Wright Lau - Dex - SOLD - "You have done a remarkable job with him!"  7/30/2016

​Dex - Dutch WB, 16.1Hd., Black, Gelding


​Lee Camiolo - Top of the list with a great score of 28.3 in her dressage test.  "Thanks for all of your help!  We truly could not have pulled it off without you!! 9/11/2015

​Lee Camiolo - "I can't even describe how proud I am of this lesson.  Thank you so much to Susan Remondini, for such an amazing lesson!"  7/1/2015

​Diane Green-Pschigoda - " Another great lesson with Susan Remondini.  We get better with each lesson and Master tries so hard.  Ready for the next one already."  7/28/2015

​Grace Schoettmer - "Looking forward to this weekends show.  Moving up to novice!  With the help of Susan Remondini, we have unlocked dressage with some huge break throughs!  Looking forward to one of our best shows yet!  6/21/2015

​Lara Kernan - "Special thanks to Susan Remondini, for helping Grace and Piccolo improved their dressage score from 42 at BN to 28 at Novice!  All of this in two lessons!  Absolutely amazing and I am so thankful that she has been able to help us unlock the potential for horse and rider!  Excited for things to come!"  6/17/2015